Fastest Supercars (Tezeract) - GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Lap Time Countdown

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    Fastest Supercars (Tezeract) in GTA 5, showing an updated countdown of the best fully upgraded super cars ranked on lap time.
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    This series aims to show the best vehicles to use in GTA Online in a racing situation. That is, around a regular circuit with a mix of corners and straights. The word "Fastest" means nothing without some context - these are the fastest vehicles around a circuit. For the fastest vehicles in terms of top speed (for long highway races for example) check out the Top Speed Testing series here:


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    How Lap Times Were Obtained Accurately

    The best lap time a vehicle can achieve around a circuit determines how good it is and therefore its place within this list.

    Each vehicle was taken around the same circuit multiple times, with the best lap time being recorded. For most vehicles this equates to 10 laps per vehicle, but can often be more to ensure the absolute best lap time has been achieved with the vehicle. There are some caveats to this kind of testing though which are worth explaining below.

    **Due to YouTube description length limits the information that should be placed here has been removed and can be read in full here: I recommend reading this for anyone who is confused, interested, or doubts the validity of the results in this video as it explains in great detail the extent to which these results will be useful for you personally, in addition to linking the track used for your own testing/comparison.**

    So with that all being said, this video should be taken as a guideline. The testing is very accurate for this track and similar tracks when cars are driven close to the maximum. At the very least you should be able to use this testing help narrow your field of view for your own personal testing. I would always recommend testing a variety of cars yourself and take into account what kind of tracks you're racing on, what is better for you and your skill level, and even your budget. My testing is meant to guide you, not tell you exactly what to use.

    If you do find the series helpful, entertaining, or want to be kept up to date on any car performance changes as GTA Online develops please do subscribe, like, comment and share - every little helps! You can also directly support the creation of more of these videos on Patreon ( Finally, for a comprehensive spreadsheet on GTA 5 vehicle performance click here: Thank you very much for watching and I hope to see you on a future video soon :)


    I'm Broughy1322 and I upload a variety of videos in an attempt to inform, entertain, and discuss. These mainly revolve around GTA Online racing but also include vlogs & other games. I take pride in my content so feel free to have a look around my channel and subscribe if you enjoy! Thanks for watching! :)

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